The Stables

The Stables

2014-stablesfrontThe Stables are an integral & important part of Bushy Park history. They represent and record the Homestead operations from 1906 onwards (the date of construction). They housed the generator for electricity, housed the Homestead horses and the Foaling Room kept the new foals warm and sheltered. The gig was needed for local transport, probably going to and from the farm operations, while Mr Moore would have used his car for longer journeys, such as going into town.

The building has HPT Classification Category 2 and illustrates a critical transition in history between horse transport & motor vehicles.  The building contains a  motor garage & floor pit, and a stand-alone generator & battery room to provide power to the homestead. (Permanent reticulated power was not connected until 1937). Only a few buildings demonstrate these historic transitions.

Current use of the Stables is part “ museum “  & part working storage, containing a very useful collection of tools & plant items relating to the 1900’s.

It is well worth a visit.

The building age demands TLC and repairs and maintenance. The Bushy Park Trust has plans currently under consideration to bring the building back to its former glory and to rationalise its current use.

300In the meantime we invite all “Friends of Bushy Park “ to contribute in cash or by volunteering to assist with this restoration.




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