The Rainforest

Bushy Park Forest Plans and Reports

View observations made at Bushy Park on Naturewatch website

Bushy Park Restoration and On-going Management of Ecosystems report 2016 -pdf (298kb)

Action plan for Bushy Parks' plants - pdf (120kb)

BP Management Plan 2005 - pdf (615kb)

Bushy Park Operations Plan 2014 - pdf (491kb)

Biodiversity Lists

Vascular plants of Bushy Park forest reserve, Kai Iwi - pdf (110kb)

Land Snails from BP - pdf (146kb)

Hihi (Stitchbird)

Bushy Park Reintroductions- pdf (91 kb)

Observing Hihi at feeding stations - pdf (318 kb)

Report on Hihi Reintroduction- pdf (276 kb)

Bird Monitoring at BP 2012- pdf (245 kb)

Bird Monitoring at BP 2014- pdf (209 kb)

Bushy Park Hihi Report March 2017

Bushy Park Hihi Sugar water consumption Report March 2017

Bushy Park Collecting Permit- pdf (226 kb)


Bushy Park Newsletter

The August 2014 Bushy Park newsletter has been added. (PDF - 711 kb)
For previous copies, click here.

News from The Bush

Hihi/Stitchbird translocation:
A new publication is available for download. The report into the Translocation of the Stitchbird can be downloaded by clicking here. (PDF: 4.1MB). Updates on the Hihi translocation can be viewed on our new page by clicking here.
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