Bird Songs of the Sanctuary

The Bushy Park Sanctuary is not only home to a few rare birds, but also is active with a wide range of other native birdlife. A walk through the Sanctuary is an experience of the senses and a bird watchers delight.

Below are a sample of the sounds you can hear in the Sanctuary.

Bird Description Source Duration
tui Recording of a male tui giving territorial calls DoC 3m11s MP3-3001kb
kereru New Zealand pigeon, song and in-flight wingbeats (cicadas in the background) DoC 1m58s MP3-1868kb
korimako bellbird, recording of a single adult male bellbird/korimako DoC 0m35s MP3-561kb
ruru morepork song DoC 1m43s MP3-1620kb
hihi Recording of an adult stitchbird/hihi giving territorial calls DoC 4m04s MP3-3830kb
tieke Recording of saddleback/tīeke song DoC 1m51s MP3-1745kb
toutouwai Recording of North Island robin/toutouwai song DoC 1m38s MP3-1553kb
fantail Recording of a North Island fantail making short feeding flights and giving calls DoC 0m14s MP3-230kb


Copyright: All these sounds are subject to copyright and may not be used without the consent of the sound owner, or in accordance with their licence. Unless other specified all the above sounds are copyright material belonging to the Department of Conservation. Their making of these sounds available under a commons licence is greatly appreciated.

The DoC page with the sounds on can be located by clicking here.

Bushy Park Newsletter

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News from The Bush

Hihi/Stitchbird translocation:
A new publication is available for download. The report into the Translocation of the Stitchbird can be downloaded by clicking here. (PDF: 4.1MB). Updates on the Hihi translocation can be viewed on our new page by clicking here.
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